Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!!

Happy 2013 to everyone!!  Spent the morning posting the last of 2012 personal receipts.

I have been really good about keeping track of our expenses for the year, problem is we spent 10K over what DH made.  That $$ came from our tax return, my business and our rental property.

My goal this year is to catch up on bills and live on what DH brings home. I am tired of transfering money all around constantly, it just makes me short somewhere else.

We were invited last night to go have drinks with friends, I declined, we had the kids home and we were having our own party.  Today we were invited to go out to dinner with other friends, said sorry, already have dinner planned and started.

I am planning on no spend days till payday on the 11th.

Sure hoping I can keep up this stamina!!

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