Thursday, February 28, 2013

Money is here!!

Went online yesterday to check my accounts and found our federal return had been direct deposited!

My plans for the day quickly changed, instead of cleaning I decided to start paying bills.

I had my list all itemized so I just started in.  I was behind in quite a few monthly bills, got those all caught up, owed some on some back property taxes so paid those.  Also owed on a couple of other bills so got those paid.

Now, here is the indecision.  We put money aside to buy a beef, which is what we do every year as we live in the country and raise our own meat.  We decided to not get the beef and pay off another bill, BUT that would leave us nothing in savings.  Since I have been going through our bills before every payday for the past two months and budgeting and anticipating spending, I know I have expenses coming up in the next couple of months.

Our paychecks will not cover these upcoming expenses, so I am afraid if I pay off an extra bill, I will start getting behind on other bills to cover these expenses!

My question is, pay the bill and try to make the budget work or save the money and cover the expenses and try to pay extra on the bill every month to get rid of it?

After seeing this in print, I think I have my answer...


  1. If the Extra bill does not need to be paid off right now I would hold onto the money so you know for sure you can cover your upcoming bills.

    1. Thanks GMI, that was my thought and hubs agreed. Need to be realistic with the budget, after a year of juggling I think I am finally getting it! The extra bill is fine being paid monthly.