Saturday, December 29, 2012

Beginning of the Goals list!

So my #1 goal for the year is to get caught up on the bills.  I am not setting super unattainable goals this year like I have in the past.  Would just love to be caught up again, that hasn't happened in over a year.  This year it will happen because I am cutting back.  In the past I would talk big, but then eat out or shop for some house stuff that we needed?? Not!! This year I have gotten the family on board, they are supportive because I have never spoiled them.  We live a mostly modest life, DH makes in the 35K range which really isn't alot in the real world.  Unfortunately we have spent a bit more than we make for quite a few years now.  The last part of 2012 has been very eye opening in that I refused to take on any more debt, we have managed with what we have made, which has definately been difficult. I have been juggling bills for quite awhile. 

January will be a no/low spend, we are eating out of the pantry/freezer.  We only have some sports games for the kids that we need to attend so I am budgeting for that.  The rest of the $$ is going towards bills.

After shopping yesterday and fueling up the vehicles I am not planning on doing any shopping for two weeks.  Hope the fuel can last that long but will have some $$ set aside in case we need to gas one up.  I sent all the rest of the paycheck to bills.

I spent about $165.00 for groceries/booze and $105.00 for fuel.  I am planning on making that last...

Friday, December 28, 2012

A good day!

Dh got paid today, his paycheck was 500. more because of OT, was able to get some bills paid, but was really frugal with our regular expenses like food and fuel.  Hoping that we have a quiet two weeks with no crisis like we've had lately.

Got a few goodies for our New Years Eve stay at home evening with the kids, starting the year out with only frugal thoughts!!

Will post my goals soon!!

Thursday, December 27, 2012


Well, a confession, I haven't posted any receipts for my business this whole year.  I obviously need to get caught up on this since it is almost tax season.  Every year I have good intentions but it always gets away from me.

I want to get all my Christmas decor put away, I don't like to start the new year with Christmas still all over.

I am working on my goals list for this next year still.  Like alot of other people, I am wondering how the fiscal cliff will impact us.

First order of business is getting caught up on the bills, we have been chasing our tail so to speak all year.  DH has some overtime coming, plus I am planning on a No Spend/Low Spend Jan.  It will take this month and next and hoping to get completely caught up on the bills with our tax return.
Tomorrow is payday and I am making some changes to the budget. Will keep everyone posted to my progress.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Time to get serious!!

Just because I am not blogging, or posting comments doesn't mean I am not around!  No, I am a terrible lurker, I read everyones blogs and never post comments.  Shame on me!!!!

I am glad to see everyones Christmas was lovely, ours could have been better, we lost a very loved pet Christmas morning, so sad for our family.  But life does go on, and I am on the frugal band wagon to stay.

Our 2012 was quite rough, probably because I refused to go into more debt and borrow more money to keep our lifestyle going.  We are still behind in bills, but now that the holidays are over and we have fixed both vehicles, I am planning to get caught up in 2013. 

I am making a goals list for 2013 and my list of how I am going to get that accomplished.  My resolutions have always been be more frugal and get more organized, obviously those two general statements are not working for me, so we need to get more specific.

Will keep you posted!