Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Quarterly Update

I have worked really hard to use my Quicken program this year.  I have posted all our income and expenses and the figures are in and they don't lie!!
We spend more than we make!!!!!

Ok, now what to do about it...some of the extra spending was from our tax return and some of it was from a few bills I needed to postpone due to Murphy coming to visit and staying!!!

April included a crown for my honey and a new "used" washer for me, woo hoo, love those splurges.
Of course the problem was from not saving any of the tax return and so now we are behind, again...

I am working on my May budget, of course trying to catch up with bills and I am starting to look at making some hard choices, maybe we can't do some of the things we have done in the past, we just can't afford it. Glad school will be out soon, no more school lunches, but now more food needed at home,
I am definately a creature of habit, if we always do it, its like its written in stone!

I am planning on taking each line item in my budget and see how to whittle it down, but the budget killers have been food, eating out and just misc spending.  After a very large necessary purchase weekend before last, we were broke after putting gas in the car!  The pot was empty!!! So I HAD to fiscal fast, and it was ok!! I always step up, I made bread, goodies, used up stuff around the house and packed our snacks for away games.

Here lies the problem, if I don't have the money I don't spend it, BUT when I do have it, I spend it till its gone and the vicious cycle starts again...

Here is working towards a more frugal May!! Payday is Friday, will post how I do! I am also back to my business, so hoping I can get some income coming in.