Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I have realized something from blogging and ready the PF blogs.  It is very easy to live in denial!

Since I have made an effort this year, even though I have made many efforts over the years, it is easy to pretend you spend less than you really do.  Especially when you have other accounts to pull from.

I am really trying to see things through a new MORE frugal light.  Had a day with my girls today, went shopping, needed to get Easter things, I always assume things will be less than they really are.  I never want to really think about the big picture, just one day at a time. 

I always figure what I need right now and to heck with the future.  Well that is what gets me in trouble, perhaps writing my weaknesses will help me to change.

Thanks in advance for your support, does anyone else live in denial??

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Missing in Action!

Yep, I have been missing in action for the month of March! 

Why, not sure, busy with life and probably because I didn't stick to my goals.  I was my "normal" self and of course overspent!  I paid a few bills, bought a few things that were necessary, my honey's contacts for a year, new boots and car parts. 

Of course we ate out more, I bought a few "extras" and am hating myself this month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hate when I have good intentions and fall off the wagon!  I am picking myself up this month, dusting myself off and working hard to get a handle on life.

How is everyone else doing with their tax refunds?