Sunday, February 19, 2012

How to spend our tax return!

Ok, so I said in my last post how we were gonna spend it, but really, the reality is that I want a concrete plan.  Money has a way of just evaporating when there is no plan.

Our plans:
Emergency Fund
Pay-off some small misc. bills
Money for some repair work on our vehicles
$ for my business
now it gets scary...we will have a bit left, should I pay one more bill, or should we do a house project that we both want done really bad??
This project will make our life better, we will use it everyday, it will increase our property value, BUT, we don't NEED it, we could life without it, we have done so for the last 10+ years we have lived here.  But we really want to do it!!! After we do all the above, should we get something we want, or should we plug away at the debt????

I am looking for words of wisdom, since I am really trying hard to stay on track, even though I have had some grocery store relapses this last week, but that is for another post...

What should we do?????????

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Taxes are Done!!

So the accountant called and our taxes are ready to be filed, and we should have our refunds in a few weeks.

We are getting a decent amount back and I am planning on paying some bills and catching up, using a bit of it for my business and putting some away for our emergency fund. 

We usually try to do some sort of a project every year with some of our tax return.  I am a project girl and want to see something done.  This year I am trying to get some stuff done around here without spending any money on a new project.  There are things we could do that we have supplies for, but they aren't as fun as a "new" project.  Oh well, I am fast approaching 50, time to start being responsible!

Do your tax returns always go to the bills, or do you do something you want with it?

Friday, February 10, 2012

Payday Friday!

So today is payday, I have already paid bills, just about caught up.  Next payday hoping to be back on track.  We have had alot of sports expenses this month along with catching up on the bills.  I have gone through and hopefully anticipated our expenses for the next two weeks.  Unexpected expenses always blow my budget, if I see money in my checking acct. I will spend it, not wanting to remember that I will need gas money next week.  I am working on this... does everyone anticipate their expenses??

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Expensive Super Bowl Sunday!

We either stay home or go to friends to watch the Super Bowl, and yes we watch it as my honey and I both like football.

We were planning on staying home this year, so we could relax in our sweats, eat snacks and enjoy the game.  I made our snack menu and figured up the costs, ouch!  So when friends invited us over, I accepted figuring it might be a bit more frugal.

I went shopping yesterday to get snacks, since our hosts are providing the main dish,  I said I would bring snacks, mistake #1 taking the family with me!!!!! Mistake #2 deciding to take most of the snacks we were gonna have at our house!!!

So not staying at home and not saving any money, ugh!!! Hope the Patriots win!!!!!

Hoping for a more frugal week did you do with your Super Bowl budget????